FInally, After All These Years

Twenty-eight years ago today, my husband, Bud Glick, and I were married.

We met as photography graduate students of Walter Rosenblum at Brooklyn College in 1981. It wasn't love at first sight, at least for me. The first day of class, Bud strode up to Walter, all handshaking and back slapping. Oh, shit, I thought, teacher's pet just arrived.

Well, pretty soon it became clear why Walter admired Bud so much. They shared a passion for Social Documentary photography. Bud's early 1980's documentary work for the nascent Chinatown History Project, is so evocative of the time and place that to see it now is stepping back in time. Beautifully composed and in the moment, the work stands the test of time.

Bud continues to make images that project time and place, revealing the lives of subjects.

I, on the other hand, was attracted to Formalism, seeking unintentional design in everyday surroundings. Never, ever photographed people, just places and things. It was a real head scratcher for some professors who wondered what I was doing in Walter's program. I was too naive to wonder myself,  just moved along on my singular path. I eventually transitioned into the moving image realm, while Bud remained in the still world.

Long story short, we're finally collaborating, work wise, producing web videos. He's a little movie camera shy, but I think it secretly excites him. Bud brings his expert vision and I get to boss him around. What's better than that?

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